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Ethics, Humans and Other Animals

an introduction with readings

By Rosalind Hursthouse 

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This introductory textbook is ideally suited to newcomers to philosophy and ethical problems.  Rosalind Hursthouse carefully introduces the three standard approaches in current ethical theory: utilitarianism, rights, and virtue ethics. She links each chapter to readings from key exponents such as Peter Singer and Mary Midgley and asks students to think critically about these readings for themselves.

Key features include clear activities and activities, chapter summaries and guides to further reading.

'Clear, insightful look at all sides of the argument about our treatment of animals.' - Sunday Times

Originally published by Open University Press as 
Humans and Other Animals (Philosophy and the Human  Situation) .  Pagination of the Open University edition is different, but content is identical.

Reader Reviews:

I would give this text 6 stars if at all possible. A wonderfully clear, unbiased and challenging work by the author. I can at last use the cliche 'This book has changed my life' without an ounce of doubt. Brilliant. 
  LesMiserables | Oct 26, 2007 |

 a philosophical "workbook" and skill-builder
 This isn't so much a book as a "how-to" manual for learning how to do philosophy. She gives you some readings and gives you exercises that ensure that you have carefully and *charitably* read them, identified the arguments, etc. Anyone who seriously worked through this book would become a very careful and critical thinker.
The selections from Singer and Regan are good (although she could have picked better, I think) but the other selections from Midgley and Scruton aren't so great. They strike me as somewhat obscure and the space would have been better spent with more "standard" anti-animal/pro-status quo writings. If a 2nd edition of the book were changed in that way, it'd be a lot better.
(4.0 out of 5 stars)
Nathan Nobis - December 3, 2002

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