Saturday, December 11, 2010

From the Early Days of the World Wide Web...

In the beginning, there was Donald Graft's Animal Rights Resource Site.  Before every animal group everywhere had their own website, ARRS was the one central websource for animal rights info.  After the cut are the essays from ARRS's Animal Rights Theory and Philosophy Section, courtesy of's Wayback Machine:

Abortion versus Animal Rights by Ted Altar

  • The Alpha Centaurians Have Landed by Ted Altar

  • Animal Advocacy and Abortion by Larry Rosenfeld

  • Animal Rights and Animal Welfare by Gary L. Francione

  • Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: Five Frequently Asked Questions by Gary L. Francione

  • Animal Rights and Native Culture by Ted Altar

  • Animal Suffering by Donald Graft

  • Beyond Might Makes Right by Matthew Ball and Jack Norris

  • Claims of Rights are Often Wrong by Matthew M. Ball

  • The Core Idea, Problems, and Attraction of  Subjectivism by Ted Altar

  • The Diversionary Tactic of Plant Pain by Ted Altar

  • Do Animals Feel Pain? by Peter Singer

  • The Fallacies Behind the Plant Pain Argument by Ted Altar

  • Gaps in the Mind by Richard Dawkins

  • Ill-Gotten Gains by Tom Regan

  • Keeping Species on Ice by Mary Midgley

  • Moral Constraints and Animals by Robert Nozick

  • Peace on Earth by C. David Coates

  • Remember Socrates: Don't Eat Animals by John C. Champagne

  • The Rhetoric of Apology in Animal Rights by Dr. Karen Davis

  • The Scientific Basis for Assessing Suffering in Animals by Marian Stamp Dawkins

  • Secular Ethics and Animal Rights by Peter D. Wilson

  • The Vampire's Dilemma: Animal Rights and Parasitical Nature by Andrew Linzey

  • Xenografts and Animal Rights by Gary L. Francione
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