Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ethical Philosopher Lori Gruen

"I’m a feminist philosopher whose work lies at the intersection of ethical theory and ethical practice, with a particular focus on ethical issues that impact those often overlooked in traditional ethical investigations, e.g. women, people of color, non-human animals."

Lori Gruen teaches Philosophy and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University in Connecticut where she also directs the Ethics in Society project. She has published widely on topics in practical ethics and animal ethics.

Dr. Gruen is the co-author of Animal Liberation: A Graphic Guide with Peter Singer and illustrator David Hine, co-editor of Reflecting on Nature: Readings in Environmental Philosophy with Dale Jamieson and author of the forthcoming Ethics and Animals: An Introduction.

Visit her website at : 

Here's her page on animal ethics

And here's a link to her guest appearance on Philosophy Talk discussing animal ethics (on sale for $1.29).

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