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Anarchists on Animal Liberation 3: Brian Dominick: Animal Liberation and Social Revolution

Veganarchy symbol; popularised by Brian A. Dominick's Animal Liberation and Social Revolution pamphlet in 1995. The front cover combined the 'V' from vegan with the anarchist 'A' symbol.[1]"
- from Wikipedia
And now a modern work.

"Veganarchism or vegan anarchism, is the political philosophy of veganism (more specifically animal liberation and earth liberation) and anarchism,[2][3] creating a combined praxis that is designed to be a means for social revolution.[4][5] This encompasses viewing the state as unnecessary and harmful to animals, both human and non-human, whilst practising a vegan lifestyle. It is either perceived as a combined theory, or that both philosophies are essentially the same.[6] It is further described as an anti-speciesist perspective on green anarchism, or an anarchist perspective on animal liberation.[5]
Veganarchists typically view oppressive dynamics within society to be interconnected, from statism, racismsexism to human supremacy[7] and redefine veganism as a radical philosophy that sees the state as harmful to animals.[8] Ideologically, it is a human, animal, and Earth liberation movement that is fought as part of the same struggle.[citation needed] Those who believe in veganarchy can be either against reform for animals or for it, although do not limit goals to changes within the law.[9][10]

The philosophy was first popularised by Brian A. Dominick in Animal Liberation and Social Revolution [1]  and later promoted byanarcho-punk band Virus using symbolism, Roots of Compassion, a zine named 'veganarchy', and political prisoner Jonny Albewhite.[2][3][11][12] The ideology is sometimes referred to as radical veganism, total liberation, total revolution, or total abolition, however not all who believe in the terms perceive them to be veganarchy.[7][8]"

-excerpted from the Wikipedia entry on Veganarchism

About Brian Dominick:

"Brian Dominick is co-founder of PeoplesNetWorks and Middle East Editor at The NewStandard. Possessing more than 12 years of experience in alternative media publishing, Brian has worked as a journalist, editor, web software developer and print/site designer. He has helped build numerous print publications and more than a dozen content-driven websites.

For over four years, Brian was been the primary software developer at ZNet, planning and implementing most of that site's interactive features and content management systems. He has also worked in various editorial capacities at ZNet, and has written for Z Magazine/ZNet, as well as more than 50 other publications, over much of the past decade.
Brian is also an avid orator, having addressed hundreds of audiences on topics ranging from alternative economics to media analysis to social movements. He has extensive experience with collective organizing, participatory education and community activism."
 -- bio at The New Standard 

 Here's Brian Dominick's complete Animal Liberation and Social Revolution zine in PDF form:

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